Interview Techniques

You want to walk into the interview room feeling confident and then walk out feeling positively confident about yourself

There are 100’s of interview tips people may advise you on. However we have decided that it best to put a few rules down that apply to just about every interview under the sun and then when you are ready to prepare for your interview, simply give us a call because we will probably have a little extra information about the person you are being interviewed by that may help you stand out from the other people attending – especially if it’s a competitive position you are being interviewed for. Every interview is different but if between us we can give you that little extra chance of success, it’s worth it.

Do – Prepare and Plan : not knowing enough about the organisation or the product / service, and not thought enough about the relevance of the information gained – a little research will also give you more confidence.

Do – Open up at the interview . Although interviewees do not need to make friends with the interviewer, there is no point in being perceived as too severe. The interviewer wants to see elements of personality: in many situations, the interviewer may be the future line manager or a person with whom the successful candidate will work quite closely. i.e. to put it simply, come across pleasant.

Do – Personal presentation and grooming are noticed. Ensure clean shoes tidy appearance etc, its basic, yet important.

Don’t – Make friends with the interviewer . Interviewees can be lulled into a false sense of security in interviews

Don’t – Offer a weak-gripped handshake at the beginning / end of the interview (but don’t turn the grip into a vice either). Some people do not offer a handshake, and there are different traditional greetings in particular cultures, depending on with whom you are dealing. If the handshake is pre-offered, ensure a short firm shake, eye contact and smile.

Don’t – Be negative describing how badly your present or previous employers treats its employees . If asked questions on the subject, you can answer honestly and promptly, without dwelling on the negative – Remember if you were in the perfect job its unlikely you would be looking for a new one now, be tactful.

If you are in any doubt about anything relating to your interview than call us before you go to it. Likewise call us following your interview, this way we can call to get an immediate reaction from the manager and in some cases relay the good news to you before you have even reached home! – We like to believe that we genuinely offer a recruitment service that you will have confidence in.