clientsAs a busy provider of education services to our young community, we expect that you do not have the time or the inclination to work with recruiters who fail to listen, fail to learn & fail to meet your standards.

There is always the need to weigh up the time & money spent in working with Recruitment Companies against the typically urgent need for good quality cover and support.

We can see that it is a very difficult balancing act for all employers & we hope that Reach Education will justify your decision to trust us to take away some of the daily stress & grind.

Our promise to do the best that we can is given – as is the honesty with which we will communicate the availability & charge associated with any applicant. Equally true is that we take very seriously the need to provide you with properly vetted applicants.

To find out more about this vetting procedure, please click on the link below or to the right for a printer-friendly version of the vetting requirement:

Vetting & Care Criteria

You can expect to receive the highest levels of service, communication & response from our team. As mature and experienced recruiters, we have long subscribed to the view that we are obliged to earn your trust & your business.

If we fail to meet your needs and do not perform at the level that you have a right to expect, we know that we have no business. This realisation that we are dependent upon the reputation of our service helps to drive our team to do the best job that is possible.

If you choose to work with Reach Education, we are grateful and will meet the opportunity with enthusiasm and determination.